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Website Design in WordPress

I create online spaces that are simple and elegant with an emphasis on an inviting user experience. We’ll work together to create a place that offers a break from the usual internet chaos, and that communicates to your clients the feeling they will get by working with you.

I’ve been building sites in WordPress for fifteen years and I absolutely love the platform and stand behind it for a number of reasons. First, it is completely open source, which means its free for everyone, and the community is always working to make it better: a true online democracy. Next, it is really easy to learn and use, which means after we build it, you’ll feel a real sense of ownership and empowerment in regards to the content. I’ll thoroughly train you on updates, content creation and blogging if you’re interested. Third, it is by far the most popular platform on the web and is predicted to keep growing, which means more people know how it works and how to fix it and protect it. If a few years go by and you want to change the look and feel, it’s relatively easy to give it a facelift without starting from scratch. Last, it’s excellent for search engine optimization which we’ll go into later.

I know it is tempting as a practitioner on a budget to set out on your own, and set up a site yourself using free templates. Yes, this will be cheaper, but in my experience I have rarely seen someone’s “first go” at a WordPress site look very professional, and it truly is going to be the first impression that many people have of you. And as easy as WordPress is, there is a learning curve for any new skill or piece of software that can be quite time consuming to overcome. For less than the cost of a conference or workshop we can create a site you’ll be really proud of that I promise will save you a lot of time and headaches. This is where the fun part of colors, photos, fonts, logos and look and feel come into play, and where having a professional on your side is totally worth the investment.



Your “About Me/Biography” and “Services/Offerings” pages are the two most important places on your site to truly showcase what is unique and special about you and your approach to your practice. I’ve been working as a professional writer since graduating from college and I truly love this part of the website creation process because I get to know you and about your services in a substantial way. Through an in-depth interview process, I’ll write these pages and with content and tone that resonates with you, and communicates your message in the most effective way possible.


Search Engine Optimization

When you type a search term into Google, the results that appear directly below the Ads are there because Google has decided the content provided by the website listed is relevant to your search. As a practitioner or business owner, the goal is to “rank” as high as possible for the search terms (keywords) related to your business (yoga studio Seattle, for example.) There are dozens if not hundreds of factors that go into this, and it is truly a science that someone could spend their whole lives trying to figure out. Search has become somewhat of an obsession for digital marketers, because it is simultaneously so important, yet so enigmatic, so you can find tons of conflicting information out there on the web. Google makes the rules, and we have to learn them by trial and error, and then play by them to the best of our ability.

I’ve been studying SEO for years, and stay up to date on best practices and trends. I’ll dig in and the do the research to find out what people are searching for when they are looking for services like yours and how to make sure you rank for these words. If you’re interested in learning the basics, I’ll be happy to train you on how its all done so you can apply it to your own blogs and pages in the future.

Coaching DIYers

Healers and practitioners are independent by nature. Most of us have a pretty strong entrepreneurial streak and would rather figure things out on our own, rather than hiring outside help. And because we’ve tried to learn so many darn things, we also know when it’s a good idea to bring in someone in to lay the initial foundation, and teach us how to run the show ourselves eventually. This is where I come in! I’m a huge fan of empowering people to play a role in their own destiny and get involved in their marketing efforts on a more consistent basis.

After we create your website, there are so many directions you can go with marketing. Having the right strategy that is in alignment with your goals, as well as your skills and resources is so important to ensure you’re not just scattering seeds in the wind. Let’s grow and nurture an amazing garden instead!

I can give you direction and help you create content calendars and strategies for the following: YouTube video creation, email list building and content, branding, logos, choosing a name, focusing on your niche, collecting testimonials, promoting a workshop or retreat, setting up online payments and storefronts, making money with affiliate marketing, using Google Analytics, Facebook content and Ads, blogging, identifying your ideal customer and creating Avatars, getting local press, paid print magazine and newspaper ads, Google Adwords and more! I have an awesome network of experts I work with and will always refer you when something is beyond my scope or expertise.


Does this all sound good? Great, I’m looking forward to hearing from you… Drop me a line below.

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