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Coaching DIYers


Healers and practitioners are independent by nature. Most of us have a pretty strong entrepreneurial streak and would rather figure things out on our own, rather than hiring outside help. And because we’ve tried to learn so many darn things, we also know when it’s a good idea to bring in someone in to lay the initial foundation, and teach us how to run the show ourselves eventually. This is where I come in! I’m a huge fan of empowering people to play a role in their own destiny and get involved in their marketing efforts on a more consistent basis.

After we create your website, there are so many directions you can go with marketing. Having the right strategy that is in alignment with your goals, as well as your skills and resources is so important to ensure you’re not just scattering seeds in the www.joom.com/en - penis cage. Let’s grow and nurture an amazing garden instead!

I can give you direction and help you create content calendars and strategies for the following: YouTube video creation, email list building and content, branding, logos, choosing a name, focusing on your niche, collecting testimonials, promoting a workshop or retreat, setting up online payments and storefronts, making money with affiliate marketing, using Google Analytics, Facebook content and Ads, blogging, identifying your ideal customer and creating Avatars, getting local press, paid print magazine and newspaper ads, Google Adwords and more! I have an awesome network of experts I work with and will always refer you when something is beyond my scope or expertise.