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Search Engine Optimization


When you type a search term into Google, the results that appear directly below the Ads are there because Google has decided the content provided by the website listed is relevant to your search. As a practitioner or business owner, the goal is to “rank” as high as possible for the search terms (keywords) related to your business (yoga studio Seattle, for example.) There are dozens if not hundreds of factors that go into this, and it is truly a science that someone could spend their whole lives trying to figure out. Search has become somewhat of an obsession for digital marketers, because it is simultaneously so important, yet so enigmatic, so you can find tons of conflicting information out there on the web. Google makes the rules, and we have to learn them by trial and error, and then play by them to the best of our ability.

I’ve been studying SEO for years, and stay up to date on best practices and trends. I’ll dig in and the do the research to find out what people are searching for when they are looking for services like yours and how to make sure you rank for these words. If you’re interested in learning the basics, I’ll be happy to train you on how its all done so you can apply it to your own blogs and pages in the future.